Dr Lombard – Great Success

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On Saturday the 10th April Dr Jay Lombard a US certified Neurologist presented a Functional Medicine Approach to Mental Health at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on behalf of Nutri-Link’s education division. Over 110 practitioners were given a measured, research based approach to integrative thinking and clinical application of nutrients in the management of neurological and psychological disorders.

Dr Lombard has over 20 years of hopsital and clinical experience and his grasp of the subject was immediately apparent, unusually for a traditionally trained physician he has remained open to the ever increasing body of research data that supports the use of targeted nutritional supplements in the optimisation of enzymatic functions, where they may have been compromised by trauma, genetics or other insults.

If you want to listen to his presentation and gain CPD credits whilst sitting at home, call Claire Bain on 0333 577 0404 to sign up or register for the web based version. (Registered Health Care Professional Only)

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