So, what do we want from food? Citizens are hungry for change

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The Food Farming and Countryside Commission has spent the summer talking to thousands of us about food. Their report published this week, So, what do we want from food? Citizens are hungry for change found that across all demographics, age and political groups, the public is in pretty overwhelming agreement. We reject the ‘nanny state’ concerns that politicians often come out with. Pinning on us as an excuse for inaction. And in fact, we want the government to do more to fix our food.

Key points extracted:

  • 78% of us think major changes are needed to fix the UK’s food system
  • 75% of us think the government is ‘not doing enough’ to ensure everyone can afford healthy food.
  • Just 3% say that the government is doing ‘too much’.
  • 67% of us think the government is not doing enough to ‘protect children from unhealthy food and drinks’.
  • Nearly three quarters of parents aged 25-40 are worried about the amount of unhealthy food their children eat.
  • 63% of us want the government to bring forward the TV restriction on advertising unhealthy food before 9pm. Just 16% of respondents think the Government could afford the 2-year delay (to October 2025) that they brought in.
  • 79% of us support fines on food producers that pollute the environment.
  • 74% of us support a target for reducing unhealthy foods in shops and on the high street
  • 68% of us want support for farmers to help them transition to more sustainable farming practices
  • 79% of us want support for people on low incomes to afford healthy food.
  • People are willing to spend more for their shopping if the food is healthier and more sustainable, especially if people on lower incomes are supported to afford healthier food.
  • 77% of us say that the government should aspire to high standards on health. And just 15% say that the government should lower health standards to lower cost.
  • These findings leave little doubt about the next steps.
  • The government needs to find the courage to stand up to the food and drinks industry. To stop making excuses. And to champion our health and the health of our planet.

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