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It seems remarkable to us that it was way back in 1998 that we decided to found Nutri-Link.  Back then, we were two busy practitioners looking to source the very best products for our clients and patients. Frustrated with the offerings available in the UK, we set off to the USA to find out what some of the most progressive companies had to offer.  From the back room of our integrative medicine clinic, Nutri-Link was founded with just one product in our range (ProGreens, in case you were wondering!) and a strong sense that we may have uncovered a way to help people recover their health faster.

18 years later, the company now supplies over 600 highly effective and innovative products to healthcare professionals and their patients.  Our unique understanding of the needs of busy clinicians and practitioners has driven the culture of our company; effective science led products, expert advice, great service and clinical and practical support.

With over 5 and a half decades of clinical experience (which includes all of the ups and downs everyone experiences) we have taken the very best of our discoveries and devised and created innovative education programmes, which in turn has generated a loyal following of healthcare professionals. Over the last 25 years, we have aligned ourselves with some of the most innovative Functional Medicine providers in the world and have added to their teachings as well as drawn from them. At all times we have remained open to emerging developments whilst ensuring that we have and revisited science to sustain our ethos of being progressive and inclusive.

As a celebration of our evolution and progress and to support our vision for the future, we have revisited our ‘look’.  In effect, our re-brand is a celebration of who we are and what we do. Our core mission is to further science-backed nutrition as the corner-stone of optimal health.

Our enduring passion for knowledge and new research keeps us at the leading edge of science led nutrition. Consequently, we have an established reputation of providing quality Education immersed in research, health and functional medicine.

  • As a distribution company, we select our products based on their Efficacy. Only representing companies that demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing practices and regulatory compliance.
  • Within excess of 55 years of successful clinical nutrition Expertise between them our founders continue to bring this expertise to our practitioners via multiple delivery options.
  • We constantly support and Engage with practitioners via accessible and relevant communication channels.

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