Celebrating 20 Years as the Global Leader in Functional Medicine Education

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2011 marks the 20th anniversary of The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Antony Haynes and Leonie Ash attended the 20th International Symposium in Seattle with Mike Ash, who presented for the second time at an IFM Symposium. He  gave two superb presentations to the 600+  audience of doctors and health practitioners from over 20 countries.

The Symposium subject this year was: The Challenge of Emerging Infections in the 21st Century: Terrain, Tolerance, and Susceptibility.

On the night of the 20th Anniversary Party, we had the fantastic opportunity of meeting members of the teaching faculty who, with some esteemed guests, have signed a commemorative celebratory poster – https://news.nutrilink.co.uk/documents/IFM_20th_Poster.pdf  – which we proudly brought back to the UK.

Here are some of the luminaries who signed the poster:

•    David Jones MD, President and Director of Medical Education & Co-Founder of IFM.

•    Mark Hyman MD, Chairman of IFM with his latest book ‘The UltraMind Solution’ being his 4th New York Times best seller.

•    Laurie Hoffman MPH, Executive Director

•    Catherine Willner MD, neurologist and previous Linus Pauling Award winner.

•    Bethany Hays MD, gynaecologist & faculty teacher on the AFMCP.

•    Joel Evans MD, Founder and Director of The Centre for Women’s Health

Why not consider attending the inaugural AFMCP-UK seminar this year: www.afmcp-uk.org

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