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This is the scene from Ofinato, ten days after the tsunami struck the town. Photograph: Lasse Petersen

As a company we have supported the work of ShelterBox based in Cornwall for the last few years and purchase one of their remarkable support boxes whenever we can. In response to the recent and dramatic events in Japan we have purchased a box to assist with the immediate support of families who have lost all their posessions and homes due to the tsunami and earthquake. I am sure that like us you cannot imagine the devastation and effects this will have on families and their work, their ability to function and the enormous difficulty in recovering.

The television provides us with information that seems too vast to take in, and whilst our donation seems alsmost insignificant in the face of the disastor the 10 people who will have a temporary shelter and all necessary tools to function will we hope know that others from around the world are thinking of them and wish them all the best in their challnges.

The ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) operating in Japan is continuing its work in the Iwate Prefecture, one of the areas worst affected by the tsunami.

The team has been based in and around Rikuzentakata and Ofinato, two towns which were hit by the full fury of the tsunami. In Rikuzentakata, according to the latest reports, more than 80% of the 8,000 households have been swept away. The town was well prepared against earthquakes and tsunamis but its 6.5 metre high seawall could do nothing to stop the force of the wave.

‘In the Iwate Prefecture alone close to 50,000 people are in temporary shelter, more the 10,000 are isolated and 4,000 are missing,’ added ShelterBox Head of Operations John Leach.

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