Staff Member Runs Succesful Detox Retreat

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Karen Devine, one of our long standing technical support team launched her new project ‘Devine Detox’ in Italy this summer. A week of naturopathic oriented cleansing, juice fasting, colon cleansing, and supplements to support detoxification and elimination made this a very successful week in terms of results.

Having been faciliting detox retreats for several years, I decided to launch Devine Detox to allow me to help address some of most common issues we find in our clinic such as stubborn weight gain, adrenal fatigue, hormonal and gut issues.

The largest range of supplements I used were from the Biotics range which I found supported the liver detoxification far better than I had experienced in the past. For many people who attend a retreat they often ‘expect’ side effects in order to feel their detox is working. However, with the correct support the body can do a great deal of work without you feeling you are being put through any unwanted and undesirable symptoms.

The beneficial effects were much greater than I anticipated as I ensured greater support in Phase 2 liver detoxification and adrenal support. The main ‘side effects’ from this week was the significant amount of weight loss, a lift in energy and a feeling of renewal experienced by all of the detoxers. The Biotics range of products are certainly staying in the Devine Detox programme.

My patients lost an average of 10lbs in the days enrolled, without feeling tired or distressed, their skin and breathing as well as clarity of thought and energy were all reported to greatly improve.

Due to the success in Italy other dates and a new venue are now being launched.

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