Blogs – What are They?

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Blogging – the provision of information in small or large amounts on the web is incredibly popular, there are millions of them! However whilst some are of excellent quality others are, well, – perhaps in need of some TLC. By selecting a range of trusted blogs, you can create your own newspaper, collecting information across your interests, and screening out all the stuff you just don’t need.

Nutri-Link and in particular Michael Ash blogs every week in the Clinical Education site, you can find his latest missives on the front page, just scroll down.Or look at the resources section to check it out. You will be amazed at the amount of information, videos, media, audio and other goodies that are there free for use.

As part of the science blogging community Michael reviews peer reviewed science papers and relates them to Nutritional Therapy, or other aspects of life he finds interesting. It is possible to follow these quite easily by using the RSS feed, or Google Reader, or if you use firefox as your browser we recommend Feedly a great application for keeping track of all those bits and pieces you find interesting.

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