What Water do you Drink?

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There have been questions about the validity and need for us to consume water from bottles rather than the tap. A number of companies have simply extracted water from taps, placed into bottles and then resold for a profit. Others genuinely look to extract their water from unique sites and offer an alternative to tap water that we may feel is worthwhile. However, there is a cost outside of the financial one and that is an environmental one.

Here at Nutri-Link we installed a tap filter to replace the bottled water we have supplied for years and immediately reduced our costs and use of bottled water. The team at Free Range Studios has put together an animation that explores the costs of water and just like their previous projects, it provokes thoughts and contemplation. So whilst water is essential and most of us do not get enough, do check out this film to ‘provide liquid for thought’. The Story of Bottled Water.org

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  • Raymond Lie
    26, March 2010 16:16

    Hi, Would like to know if there is someone out there who is actually offering to test tap water! At the moment I am using Evian, very expensive water, however I would like to know if my tap water here in rural Thailand is ok to use if I use a “very good” filter system like “Orion”. The tap water here looks & tastes ok, we store it in 1200 liter tanks and it gets very warm exposed to the sun… Love to hear from you…!
    Raymond in Thailand


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