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Adrenal Cortex Natural Glandular 70530 ARG

Due to a reduced level of raw material availability, ARG’s New Zealand manufacturing company has suspended indefinitely the supply of Organic Adrenal Cortex more recently sold as Adrenal Cortex Natual Glandular..

This supply problem is unlikely to be resolved and as such they have directed their suppliers to concentrate on the whole adrenal glandular product:

In order to best support your patients, Antony Haynes and Michael Ash recommend you consider these alternative products:

Allergy Research Group: Adrenal (whole) Natural Glandular (FKA Organic Glandular) (70460- 75caps)

Biotics Research Corporation: Cytozyme AD (3001 – 60 Tabs, 3028 – 180 Tabs).

These products support the entire adrenal gland, both the medulla and cortex portions. Situated along the perimeter of the adrenal gland, the adrenal cortex mediates the stress response through the production of mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids, including aldosterone and cortisol respectively. It is also a secondary site of androgen synthesis. The adrenal medulla makes up the central portion of the gland, composed mainly of hormone-producing chromaffin cells, the medulla is the principal site of the conversion of the amino acid tyrosine into the catecholamines adrenaline (epinephrine), noradrenaline (norepinephrine), and dopamine.

If there is a need to support the endocrine system is a more wholistic manner including the thyroid, then consider using Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder:

Future Formulations: Adrenal Rebuilder® AR90 Tabs, AR150 Tabs

Adrenal Rebuilder® contains high quality whole adrenal, hypothalamus, pituitary and gonad concentrates in the proportions that provide the greatest nutritional support for those experiencing stress and adrenal fatigue. When there is a need to support the adrenals but also the entire endocrine system, do consider the use of this product.


We suggest you use the whole Organic Glandular Adrenal (ARG) or Adrenal Rebuilder® in the place of the Adrenal Cortex Natural Glandular.  The dose for the Whole Adrenal is the same as the Cortex, i.e. 1 at breakfast and 1 at lunch, whereas the dose of the Adrenal Rebuilder® is 1 at each meal. It is recommended that you assess your patients’ response and adjust up or down as required based on ASI profiles or feedback.

Whilst the ARG Adrenal Cortex Natural Glandular product contained 250mg of glandular adrenal tissue and the BRC product contains 80mg, the BRC product is estimated (based on clinical experience only) to be approximately twice as strong as the ARG product. Accordingly, the dosing needs to be approximately 3 of Cytozyme AD (BRC) for each of the Adrenal Cortex (ARG).

Please contact the technical team if you have any further questions. 0333 577 0404

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